Between late 1989 and early 1990, a number of alleged triangular shaped UFOs were seen in the skies above Belgium, presenting one of the most perplexing and memorable UFO flaps of the last three decades. However, the strange dark “triangles” were not relegated solely to Western Europe, as further observation of these odd looking craft have purportedly continued elsewhere around the world.

The following account details such an observation, which took place in 2009 over the Irish countryside. The witness has requested anonymity, and reported seeing a large object that was remarkably similar to those seen over Belgium two decades earlier:

Early one October morning in 2009, while enjoying a cup of coffee in bed with my husband, we watched a UFO navigate over the Connor Pass area through our bedroom window, for about 45 min.  It was an unusually clear Oct. morning.  We are farmers and habitually rise early.  It was about 7am, and dusk.  What we saw was certainly not anything the Irish Government owns.  I think we have one small jet for the President.

This craft was a nuts and bolts, triangular craft, the shape of which was defined by lights at the tips of three corner angles, sometime white, sometimes blue, or red.  It hovered, it made abrupt 90 degree turns.

I rang up the Shannon airport and they had no knowledge of any plane or helicopter in the area. They only laughed at me.

There is nothing behind our house but hills and sheep, no population, which can be viewed from our window… though I can’t judge the size of the craft, it must have been much larger than a helicopter, because I see helicopters all the time, on mountain rescues in the area, and they’d appear much smaller than this was. Because of my knowledge of the area, I know this was over Connor Pass, which is barely populated at all.  We watched this craft for at least 45 min, when my husband said, he’d have to get to his work,  got dressed and went out.  It was still there at that time.  We never saw when, or how it left.

The witness stated further that she took a photograph of the object with her phone, but that it only appeared as a small, fuzzy “orb” with the low-resolution camera phone. Earlier this year, a series of alleged glowing orbs filmed over Cork, Ireland, made headlines for being a purported UFO sighting caught on tape. However, in this case, the images were thought to be a fairly typical culprit in such alleged sightings: Chinese lanterns.

If you’ve had a similar sighting of a strange flying object, and would be willing to share it with us, feel free to email us the details of your experience.

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