Micah Hanks is a writer, podcaster, researcher and speaker whose interests cover a variety of subjects, including history, archaeology, philosophy, science, and the future of humankind.

Along with his podcasts, Micah is a writer who has authored a number of books, and has contributed many essays, articles and blogs to various publications. He has also worked as a narrator, lending his voice to several audiobooks, radio programs, and other recorded projects over the years.




With more than a decade in podcasting, writing and publishing, and the study of history and science, Micah Hanks has more than just a passion for knowledge. His study of world affairs, society, culture and philosophy over the years have helped shape his nonpartisan outlook on current events, and always with a nod to the lessons history can teach us.

Micah has interviewed a number of scientists and experts over the years in the fields of science, technology, philosophy, history and other disciplines, and has made contributions of his own to a number of projects in these areas. Along with his science advocacy, Micah is a “hopeful skeptic,” taking a critically-minded approach to subjects that include consciousness research and unusual phenomena in nature; for instance, Micah advocates scientific research into unexplained aerial phenomena (UAP), more commonly known as “UFOs.” His interest in the history, and possible scientific  explanations for aspects of the phenomenon, have led him to a primarily skeptical position on the subject. You can learn about some of Micah’s UAP research here.

In 2016, he began working closely with the archaeological community in the Southeastern United States, in an effort to understand relationships between early North Americans and their environment at the end of the last ice age. Separate from his archaeological interests, Micah has studied and written about space exploration, artificial intelligence, and the future of humanity.

Micah has appeared on several television and radio programs, and has lectured in America and Europe on a variety of subjects that include archaeology, consciousness studies, and historical mysteries. If you would like to contact Micah, or are interested in having Micah give a lecture for your conference or event, please see our “Contact” page.


Micah has been producing podcasts since 2010, after several years working in radio. He is host of the popular current events and history podcast Middle Theoryas well as The Gralien Report, which focuses on science and the mysteries of our universe. He is also co-host of The Seven Ages Audio Journal, a podcast devoted to the study of history and archaeology. 

Micah’s podcasts can be found via the links below. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts, or with your favorite podcasting apps:

Middle Theory 
The Gralien Report 
Seven Ages Audio Journal 


In addition to his podcasts, Micah frequently performs as a singer and guitarist. He and his band have performed at a number of festivals and events, along with providing live music for acts that include George Noory of the popular late-night radio show Coast to Coast AM. Micah also regularly performs throughout the Southeastern United States with the acoustic group Nitrograss. You can learn more about Micah’s music and performances at his music page.


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