The stunning photo above was sent along to us by a man named Gordon, a resident of Cape Town, South Africa, and one of many witnesses to strange UFO phenomenon that continues to occur there. It was taken during an evening skywatch in search of the mystery aircraft, which have been reported in vast numbers around the vicinity of Cape Town over the last several months.

“I live in Cape Town,” Gordon told us,” and those lights (in the photo) are the city.”

“Lately there have been a lot of mass sightings of UFOs in the area, especially around the city,” Gordon told us. There have also been a few instances where photos and video have been produced (see below). However, none have been conclusive in what they appear to represent.

“The footage and photographs have not been convincing,” Gordon said. “Its always at an bad time you spot one. Just the other day, and obviously when I was not armed with any photographic equipment, we saw one flying across the sky.” The object he and his companions observe was a black object, and had a tube-like appearance.

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“Its crazy the amount of reports you get here,” Gordon told us. When asked about South Africa’s military presence, he said that this did not seem to be as likely an explanation for many of the objects being observed.

“South Africa is not known for its military,” he said, commenting on the sparse military presence in general, “let alone any spectacular aircraft…┬áthe most you will see is helicopters, but they are obvious.”


According to Gordon, these odd UFOs tend to show up in numbers, and there are many witnesses who will see the objects. “There are times when you see many at night, all together, and you will come to work and people are talking about it (the next day).” Gordon and his associates are spending their evenings high along the mountain ridges above Cape Town, hoping to capture decent photographs of some of these mystery craft.

Earlier this year, the two images below were sent along to us by Franz Z, a South African listener. The first purports to show a UFO he and several others witnessed near Cape Town, South Africa, on Christmas night, 2012:


Below are sketches of how the craft actually appeared as it flew overhead that evening:

Bellville sighting, 25 Dec 2012

UFO image and drawing courtesy of Franz Z., Cape Town, South Africa.


  1. Hi Micah,
    Just read the report of the sighting in Cape Town. For what its worth, the object was again spotted during the past two weeks, but this time by my family.
    There are weird things in our skies, some may have explanantions, like Cinese Lanterns, but I can assure you 80 % are, in fact, UFO.
    Kind regards

  2. ” There is a lot of info being released on UFO’s worldwide that was not known before. I suggest you follow fb pages and groups like ”Extraordinary Science, History and Geneaology”; ”Operation High Jump Neu Schwabenland”; and ”Hollow Earth”. The history of these craft originated in planets in outerspace, one which claims that were here before the humans, and in fact created them – ”the Annunaki” and ”Sumerians”,. The end of World War 2, and thereafter saw what was supposed to have been the rap up of operations against the Nazi’s, when the Americans in 1946 -1947 decided to tackle base at Neu Schwabenland, Antartica with a fleet of warships and 4,000 troops, but were driven off by disc shaped and jet aircraft, forcing them to retreat. Later their Commander, Admiral Byrd went to the North Pole on another expedition finding the hollow earth zone and meeting with the Aliens. This went onto a meeting with General Eisenhower at USA Airforce Base in the USA, followed by two more. I have no doubt that the Americans and their Allies, plus the descendants of the Germans at Antartica are all working together in an agreed alliance. See the fb groups on the information I have collected and put together on these fb groups. There is not only a outer world but a inner world as well that is being inhabitated underground.I do not doubt this for one moment, taking the amount of people especially scientists that have not being accounted for after World War 2. The countries of South America are constantly on ”Red Alert” regarding UFO’s. Even the Pope and recognizes the existence of Extraterestial Beings. What are we little children that can’t put two and two together?

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