Many are fascinated by the advanced innovations we predict to see in the world of the future. As a researcher of future science and unexplained phenomena myself, I have found that I, like a lot of others, look to the sorts of technologies that we’ll attain in the coming years as avenues for learning and understanding ourselves and our world in new, and perhaps better ways. However, could there be technology that exists in our midst right now that could give us a glimpse of what that future holds? If so, how does it relate to who we are now, and perhaps most importantly, who we will become?

My new book with New Page Books is going to address these sorts of questions. It’s called The UFO Singularity, and it takes a look at how UFO phenomenon may provide a glimpse of greater-than-human intelligence, as well as how varieties of intelligence like this might originate. A host of different approaches to understanding the UFO riddle are examined, looking at questions like:

  • What is the “Singularity,” and how does it relate to UFOs?
  • Could some UFOs be from planet Earth, and if not from the literal present day, then could they have traveled here from our future?
  • What scientific trends of today are already bringing us closer to the sorts of advanced technology we observe in some UFO reports?
  • Are there other ways UFOs could be extraterrestrial visitors in our midst, without accepting the conventional model of their arrival here through means of interplanetary space flight?

Altogether, I feel that this is an exciting time in our history… we have the world–and in truth, the entire universe–at our fingertips. And yet, what we seem to be missing is the ability to bring together all the disparate elements around us and see what, at risk of sounding a bit blasé, will eventually constitute “the bigger picture.” Are there really technologies that might be in our midst that could point to what we’ll expect to attain in the next several decades? Also, could the possibility of there being extraterrestrial life elsewhere out there figure into this cosmic equation?

I think so, and though the host of potentials will be great, The UFO Singularity will seek to address at least a few of these… look for it in stores everywhere this December (hey, just in time for Christmas)!

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