Late Sunday evening, a number of Western North Carolina residents in the Fairview area of Buncombe County described hearing a loud, booming noise at approximately 1:00 AM. While the cause of the unsettling noise remains unverified, the event left many locals concerned that a massive explosion had occurred somewhere nearby.

Reports indicate the noise was audible within a five mile radius centered around the Fairview area, which is situated in a valley only a few miles southeast of Asheville.The following information was made available regarding the mysterious noise by local ABC news affiliate WLOS News 13:

We’ve had some calls from folks asking about a loud boom early this morning in the Fairview area of Buncombe County. We checked with the Fairview Fire Department and firefighters say they got calls about the boom around 1:00am and went to check it out, but never found anything. They say from what they can tell people in about a five mile radius heard the loud sound, but at this point the source remains a mystery.

As to the cause of the loud noise so many area residents described hearing, no official explanation has been issued.

Image by Peter Lorenz via Flickr.

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  1. heard mysterious noise in zirconia,nc around 2300 1/10/2016 shook the house

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