Ever wished you could anticipate places where UFOs might show up before they actually appeared? This article from Slate.com, sent along to me by my colleague Curt Arledge, just might be the kind of thing that would help you do it:

An interactive map of 15 years of UFO sightings

Writer Angela Tchou notes that “In the past 15 years, the Davenport, Wash.-based National UFO Reporting Center has collected more than 30,000 reports of UFO sightings through its hotline and Web site.” The three maps included with the report “visualize that rich history,” perhaps even linking certain areas to trends that might help one to discover where a UFO is most likely to appear (save, of course, the obvious consistency associated with major metropolitan areas, where more viewers present equals a proportionate increase in reported sightings).

A similar system is available here at the UFO Stalker website, which compiles MUFON data into a real-time live report feed. Enjoy!

Image by Aaron Harmon via Flickr.

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