Since late December, reports continue to stem from Cape Town, South Africa, of strange lights being seen in the skies. The most recent incident of this sort was reported to us by a resident near Kraaifontein, who requested anonymity.

The details of the occurrence are as follows: At approximately 9:15 local time on 20 July 2013, the witness and her mother were standing outside when they began to see a series of lights drifting through the sky. There were multiple groups of these lights, moving in sets of two or three.

The witness claims that as soon as one set would fade away, another set then would appear. There were between 4 and 5 sets, each comprised of two lights, and one set with 3 lights visible at once. The witness felt that the images were similar to what she had read about in an earlier article on this site, and hence she decided to contact us. She says the photos displayed here were taken with the camera on her phone, another of which appears below. We have only modified these images by cropping them slightly, and minor brightness enhancements to make the objects in question more visible.

picture 001

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During a follow up, additional details provided were that the object had been seen moving toward the southeast, and that the witness had been facing northeast when the objects appeared. The witness told us it looked like the objects “were moving (toward the) South East, but (they) went up and just faded away.” Based on the images and information supplied, the behavior of the objects may be consistent with Chinese lanterns, a popular novelty item used at various gatherings, weddings, etc. In this regard, it is worth noting that a large field associated with an area high school is located just a few meters from where the sighting took place, in the same general direction the witnesses had been facing.

A request to the South African Weather Service for climate data pertaining to wind speed and direction for the relevant date, time and location is still pending.

UPDATE (7-26-13): Weather information for the date and location in question was provided by the South African Weather Service on July 26, 2013. This data indicated a mild wind oriented in a northwest direction at the approximate time the objects were photographed over Kraaifontein that evening.

In the meantime, Gordon, a contact of ours in Cape Town who sent us information earlier this month (see article) told us about a secondary witness, who believes she had seen the same orientation of lights in the area.

“She saw those exact lights that night of the 20th,” Gordon told us. Apparently his contact had been riding on a bus when she observed these lights. “She said they did not change, but were more fixed, and did not move whatsoever.”

Furthermore, Gordon told us there had been a UFO sighting on the same evening at Uppington, which is approximately ten hours north of Cape Town traveling by car. Video footage of the Uppington event has appeared online, which we’ve linked below, although little can be discerned from the footage as it is poor quality and presents little opportunity for estimating size or proximity, based on visual references (such as buildings or trees):

Another report of a bright light in the sky above Kraaifontein appeared online in 2011, which described a witness at a braai (barbecue) on the 3rd of March, 2011. Five individuals reported seeing a bright light that had been moving across the sky at approximately 9 PM local time, which disappeared as it moved across the sky. The witnesses said the object was too high in the sky to be a plane, which may fit the description of the International Space Station passing overhead, which would have appeared as a bright light under proper visible conditions, then vanishing suddenly as it entered the Earth’s shadow.

More recent South African UFO reports have been recorded near Durban on June 25, as well as Reibeek Valley in May. If you have information about sightings of strange objects in the skies over Cape Town, South Africa, or any surrounding areas, please email us. We will be glad to ensure your privacy, based on any information you may present to us.


  1. I saw a strange light in the sky last night from Edgemead Cape Town. It was there for at least half an hour.I took some images.
    I did not see it take off but an hour later it was gone

  2. I live in bothasig Cape Town. I was outside one night at 11.30pm as I heard noises outside and my dog was barking. I noticed that in the sky not that far from my house I saw green,red,yellow and blue lights hovering in the sky. Stared for some time. Ran inside to get my camera and when I returned to take a picture they were gone……has anyone else seen this

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