A video purporting to show an unidentified flying object, variously pulsing with illumination as it hovers overhead, has become the latest in a series of strange aircraft filmed in the skies above South Carolina.

Captured around sundown by a YouTube user identified as “Quang Tran”, the object was filmed near the town of Fort Mill, South Carolina. The following statement, posted by Tran on his YouTube channel, has been edited for clarity:

“About 5.40 pm on Thursday 01/30/2014… I saw something very [bright in] the sky. I used my Samsung Note-3 to capture the first video until the object went down… I turned off the camera, and in  a second I looked up and I saw 1 more so I recorded again. I think there were two of them.” 

Fort Mill is located in the northern part of the state, near the SC border, and a short drive south of Charlotte, NC. However, numerous reports, some accompanied by videos, have been emanating from the Charleston, Summerville, and Saint Stephen areas in southeastern South Carolina as well. One such video, taken by Saint Stephen resident Milton Finch, has managed to garner widespread attention online; it can be viewed here.

The most likely proposed explanation for the objects seen over the last several weeks are military jets and other aircraft. One YouTube user, identified as Steve Vallejo, commented on Tran’s video that, “That’s an Airforce Aircraft, how do I know? I’m in the Airforce!”

Writing for Mysterious Universe, I pointed out on January 23rd in an article at the site that Joint Base, located outside the Charleston area, is arguably one of the most heavily trafficked sites for military aircraft on the East Coast:

Joint Base, under the command of the 628th Air Wing, features an engineering complex allocated under the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center (SPAWAR), which is purportedly the largest single employer in the Charleston area. Joint Base is also the busiest surface port in the defense transportation system located anywhere in the United States. Based on this information, the presence of varieties of aircraft in the region that appear to be advanced or of official origin might be expected, due to the heavy traffic at Joint Base.

Tran’s two videos can be viewed below… and if you have seen or filmed something similar, feel free to email us with your description or footage of what you saw by clicking here.

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