Tonight on The Micah Hanks Radio Program, MUFON chief image analyst Marc Dantonio joins us to discuss image analysis, as well as a few of his own recent experiences during appearances on recent UFO-related television programs.

For instance, after being interviewed for the recent Sci Fi program Aliens On The Moon, Marc said he felt that the producers “consistently left out” entire portions of statements he made, despite saying on-camera that he could, “show you how such a feature can be created using the lunar surface simulation model I created to illustrate it”.

In addition to photo analysis, Marc is an expert designer of scale-models, and utilizes such designs to help recreate supposed “anomalies” to help determine if there aren’t natural causes behind them… which in many cases, he feels there is. As Marc says:

“The model I was referring to is a simulation I created which consists of a physical re-created lunar regolith Micah which is how I answer to folks who take issue (rightly so) when people say “its a trick of light and shadow”… In  my view if it is, then it can be re-created. My regolith surface model is a re-creation mechanism that allows me to generate the SAME anomalies and then try to show a natural way for them to occur using known geologic processes. Should I not be able to re-create the object then there are three choices: 1) “We” put it there, 2) “they” put it there or 3) [the anomaly] was created by a previously unknown geologic process.

“In the attached images you can see the examples. The image below is a recreation of a ‘lunar bridge’ said to be a massive artificial bridge:


“This to me was always explained as a ‘trick of light and shadow’ but no one ever re-created it. Well these days my tact is one I have found important to advancing our science and that is to try to re-create the ufo and anomalistic videos and photos that I receive. To do so sheds light on their origin for those who want to better understand the Natural World. So to that end I re-created the “Lunar Bridge” using my planetary geology background from Astronomy and came up with what you see in this next photo:


“Above, you clearly see that the bridge is nothing more than the illuminated RIDGE in between two parallel valleys which occur on the moon with high frequency. At low Sun angles is when these anomalistic looking objects sometimes appear so my model allows for this having clear side walls.

My studio setup allows for photography and video in regular and slow motion, so we can make craters dynamically and see the spray patterns that create rays. The following photo shows one such example:


“Finally, the photo that follows shows the entire setup. I created this concept over 20 years ago and used it all over the place to illustrate the dynamic creation of lunar features for lectures on that type of thing:


We’ll discuss all this, and more, tonight at 7 PM ET with Marc at, and be sure to join us in the chat room


  1. İ have seen one of the stealth airships belonging to USA. İt had an aerodynamic

    shape with two motors that burned with a blue flame made no soundand were only visable when viewed from almost directly behind. From its design it was obvious it could attain high speed at high altitude. İt was floating about 100ft above ground outside Belfast February 2012.

  2. The ship was designed in such way it could possibly attain a speed of 1000mls per hour at an altitude of 24-25mls. İ seen no armaments so assume it is for survielance and was manned.

  3. If y’all know Marc, please ask him why the huge swastika in the Roswell desert are backwards. Was the U.S. military that STUPID? Or (my theory): did the military just fortuitously find a Native American relic and use it as a target.

    I guess though, it could always just be #1.

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