A listener of the The Micah Hanks Radio Program recently shared with us via Twitter a series of photographs of a strange “sky ring” that appeared over Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico. At present, it is unclear what might be occurring exactly, although among various proposed solutions, a “smoke ring” has been suggested, as well as a swarm of insects flying in a ringlike formation.

In relation to a series of photos showing similar “rings” featured on this week’s Paranormal Report, listener Michael Thalleen shared that he too managed to capture a similar phenomenon, as shown in the following photographs:

photo 2

photo 1

Similar photos appeared recently at the Grimerica website, depicting similar dark rings forming in the sky above Grunthal, Manitoba on August 15, 2014:


Ring formations of this sort have also been filmed over Leamington Spa in the UK (more on it here via the BBC, which reported that the ring had appeared in conjunction with a fireworks test), and the discussion of this apparent phenomenon appears in other locations on the web, such as this site, which accounts for some of the rings as a result of smoke produced by lightning strikes on transformers.

If you have any ideas about what these objects or formations might be, or what natural phenomena or manmade processes might contribute to their appearance, we’d like to hear from you, either via email or using the comments section below.



  1. I’ve heard that they have evidence that these are from electrical transmitters blowing.

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