In the realms of science fiction, the concept of an “alien invasion” is quite common. Often employed metaphorically as social commentary representing concerns about issues of the more earthly variety, the notion of a “real” alien invasion, and the concerns it may present, have garnered some very real champions in recent years.

Most notably, Sir Stephen Hawking has warned that the history of colonialism shows that such interactions never tends to benefit indigenous cultures; hence, why might earthlings fare any better in the event that aliens should arrive here, questing throughout the galaxy in search of material resources?

On this subject, an interesting email came through to me recently from a television producer, whose query seemed reasonable enough: he asked, “I am wondering if you believe we are or will be undergoing a hostile alien invasion?”

He further explained he was, “looking for an authority on the topic of aliens among us,” and hoped to find “someone who believes it’s happening now, and who believes they are hostile.”

One might imagine my initial feelings while reading this. However, upon further contemplation, I have come to the following conclusion: Yes, I believe a hostile takeover is indeed underway.

Earth is being invaded — right now — by alien (or maybe just idiotic) forms of thought.

Let me clarify what I mean by this. Today, I find that we have so much thought and concern being put out toward ideas that are very speculative, and have little relevance to actual happenings here on our lonely little planetary island. In equal measure, this political season we appear to be facing serious concerns with candidates making serious headway, who either 1) don’t reflect the views and concerns of their would-be constituency, or 2) are lending to more division with their antics, rather than unity between this world, its people, and our collective ideologies.

Therefore, I had to consider whether there was some justification to the idea, at least in a terrestrial capacity. The “invasion” may be real after all, although the invading interlopers represent an “alien” form of thought, which is hardly conducive to the furtherance of our knowledge, and the hope for a more inclusive and peaceful community here on Earth.

I am reminded of Einstein’s famous quote, where he said, “The significant problems we have cannot be solved at the same level of thinking with which we created them.” We do require forward thinking today, as we have required at any time in our history. If, in the event that Earth were ever presented with a real threat of “alien invasion”, we would require forward thinking then just as well. To some degree, we might do well to at least give consideration to this hypothetical future conundrum, much as Sir Stephen Hawking has done. Although I can’t help but feel, with certain justification, that this is not the most serious concern facing humankind today.

As many who follow my work will know, I’ve held an interest in what Hillary Clinton recently referred to as “Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon” for years (and I’ve authored two books that dealt with the subject, albeit from a very different ideological perspective from most modern UFO advocates). Looking at the subject rationally, I find little direct evidence for any extraterrestrial life associated with the broader UFO situation… whatever else it may represent. Obviously, we can’t rule the “ET” idea out completely either, but we rely on science to help us determine those things which become “fact”, apart from conjecture. At the present time, I have seen no direct evidence of an extraterrestrial reality to any of this, although it may well be that any number of more prosaic, or at least earthly phenomena, could nonetheless lay at the heart of the ongoing UFO mystery.

Still, and I wish to be clear in saying that whatever the UFO phenomenon does represent, I do not think it is evidence of an “invasion”, nor is it particularly clear evidence of anything extraterrestrial. I realize many in the UFO community will strongly disagree; meanwhile, my skeptical brethren will writhe with dismay that I suggest there could be anything to the broader subject of UFOs at all, maintaining that, “if 95% of all UFOs can be debunked, then why not 100%?”

This debate over the subject has long persisted, and it will likely continue for some time. However, interesting though the subject may be, I remind my fellow researchers of the unusual — skeptics and advocates alike — that in addition to these interests, there are broader issues that are very worthy of our attention at the present moment.

Each and every election year, we are reminded that “this is the most important election of our lives.” Something tells me that this time around, the ones saying it may be right.

So in retrospect, maybe we are being invaded after all. The “interlopers” are right here among us, but they take the form of divisive aspiring (or career) politicians, who think that rather than mending fences, the answer instead is building walls. (Yes, its obvious I’m referring to Trump here, but let me be clear: I see the problem on BOTH sides of the political fence today.)

There are a few bright spots among our presidential hopefuls… whether they’ll turn out to be stars among the darkness that comprises the remainder is yet to be seen.

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