People often ask me questions about the podcasts I produce, which range from subjects like the kinds of gear I would recommend, to how they can get more subscribers through iTunes and promoting on social media. Others may want to be podcasters, but simply have no idea how to get the ball rolling, or whether they even have the skills needed to create a professional show that people can download on a regular basis.

First, I can assure you that if there is anything in life that you decide you want to do, it can be done. That’s not wishful thinking, nor is it encouragement I offer just for the sake of sounding positive. Trust me, if guys like Stephen Hawking can suffer from crippling motor neuron disease for decades, and still become a bestselling author and contribute to some of the greatest scientific discoveries of the last century, it should be self evident that anything truly is possible.

As for the more technical questions about podcasting, dealing with the kinds of skills, equipment, and other things one may need, obviously more needs to be said. After the last several months, it has become quite evident through the number of questions I receive that a serious, and very thorough offering on what I call the “art of podcasting” needed to be committed to paper, so to speak, which has resulted in my latest book, The Complete Guide to Maverick Podcasting.

“The Complete Guide to Maverick Podcasting”, available on Amazon

I chose the book’s subtitle, “A Manual for Nonconformists”, because I wrote this book with a few special things in mind:

  1. I’ve had questions in the past about how to achieve various things with podcasting, which few other books seem to address
  2. While many argue about why “their way” is the BEST way, I’ve found that there are a lot of ways a podcast can be created that fit a person’s lifestyle
  3. very few podcasts emphasize how a podcaster can achieve quality results if they travel often (as I do).

This book isn’t a quick little “how to” guide, either. It’s 340 pages of meticulous, but to-the-point information that will walk you through things like how to podcast on an extreme budget, as well as how to build a professional studio on par with what pros in the field would use (especially for those willing to spend the money on good gear to help achieve this). I also go over the ways a podcast can be used to promote a business, and how combining it with social media and free services available online can help you maximize the number of people you reach.

I hope that a few of you who have reached out to me with questions about podcasting might find this book interesting, and more importantly, a helpful addition to the knowledge you may already possess about podcasting. In equal measure, I hope that those who have wanted to become a podcaster, but never had the drive or confidence, might find this book inspiring, helpful, and a launchpad toward eventually finding success with a hobby I know they’ll enjoy very much, as I have over the years.


Finally, I decided to make this book available to Kindle Unlimited subscribers for free; I own and often carry a Kindle Fire around with me while traveling, which despite not having the lovely scent of a good paperback, is both more environmentally friendly, and also like having a small library right in your front pocket. So if you’re a Kindle Unlimited subscriber, enjoy having free access! And even if you aren’t a subscriber, it’s still available (and priced very reasonably, I’ll add) both in paperback and on Kindle through

“The Complete Guide to Maverick Podcasting”, available on Amazon

I appreciate you guys considering this one, and of course, just because you have questions about podcasting doesn’t mean you *have to* buy my book… I’m always glad to answer any questions that are tossed my way, so keep that in mind as you’re getting your own podcasting plans underway.

Most of all, for those who do decide to give this one a read, I hope you enjoy it, and come away with a new perspective on the process, technique, and the “art” of podcasting… maverick style.

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