There is an ancient Chinese curse (or at least, a phony English one purported to be from further East), which has been oft repeated over the ages. It goes something like this: “May you live in interesting times.”

It certainly feels that these times in which we presently reside might qualify for being “interesting”, much as some ancient Wizard of the orient might have envisioned. The war on terror rages on, and as we seek to understand the role that we, here in the Western World, play in the broader context of world affairs, each day is an opportunity, though an anxious one.

Thus, without further being said, I wish to say that my heart goes out to the victims, and their families, of the recent attacks in Brussels. My prayers are certainly with them.

I follow politics, current events, international affairs, and a host of other subjects on a daily basis. These are things that interest me, but more importantly, they are things that I feel each of us should grant our attention, at least from time to time. Our obligation as human beings is to try to learn, and to understand one another, and to do what we can to make the world a better place for those around us, and, if we’re lucky, ourselves as well.

I have intermittently co-hosted a podcast with my longtime friend and colleague, Christopher McCollum, called Middle Theory. It is a podcast that is unfiltered, and sometimes irreverent. It is often laden with humor, and with references to pop culture that, while providing color and interest, may also lend to the subjects we address on a deeper level, for those who are willing to consider what we’re aiming for.

So often, the news media today is willing to pepper world events with so-called “coverage”, which does so very-often border on being candy-coated. Middle Theory is not one of these shows, and while our analysis of world events may not be relying on professional work of prime-time talking heads and former CIA operatives turned media consultants, what Chris (or, as we call him on this program, “Mr. McNonymous”) and I hope to bring you is honesty, if nothing else. Yes, there will be laughs, and yes, there will be times where utter seriousness will ensue… but whatever you hear on this podcast, we also hope that it is honest, and truthful, to the best of our ability to present to you.

Below, I have linked to our latest episode, in which we have covered the recent terrorist attacks at the Brussels Airport, in addition to discussion about the recent primaries in Arizona, and a new “We The People” petition which now seeks to address accusations of election fraud in that state. I have also linked to our Facebook page for Middle Theory:

Middle Theory on Facebook

Our latest episode (click to visit the show’s page at our site).

Finally, you can also find us on Twitter here: @MiddleTheory

As my pal McNonymous and I continue, like many of us, to do our best to make sense of the madness that has become everyday life in our modern world, we hope that you might enjoy listening to this show, and share your thoughts about the current state of things as they stand. As always, thank you all for your support, and for the solidarity many of you are willing to show at times like this, when the safety of our friends and loved ones abroad (and especially in Europe) is of utmost concern.

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