It is with both sadness and mild shock that I report the passing of talk show host Kevin Smith, a unique man who famously broadcast his interests in the unexplained to a large internet audience each night.

The news of Kevin’s passing was reported earlier today on the website of James Horak, where blogger Torz Baron-Copley expressed sympathies with the public and, of course, Kevin’s listenership. “It is with a heavy heart and blurry eyes,” Copley wrote, “that I bring the sad and shocking news to you that Kevin Smith, a very dear friend to both James Horak, myself and many others throughout the truth community, has last night left us to journey on this mortal plane alone…. You are sadly missed my friend.”

Smith had lived a very interesting and eventful life, which included service as a member of INTERPOL for a number of years, which included time during the Clinton presidency, where he gained a number of insights into political happenings worldwide and a number of other global affairs. His interests in the unexplained stemmed from a childhood UFO encounter he shared with his mother and father at an early age. According to Smith, his father, a military serviceman, had refused to discuss what the family had seen after the incident, questions about which Smith kept with him the duration of his life.

Smith, following a heart attack that occurred earlier this week, had posted the following message to his fans on his Facebook page:

Hi folks. I am home. I did have a heart attack and emergency surgery on Sunday evening. I am alive and kicking, but I am kicking slower right now. I’m very tired at the moment, but other than that, I feel fine. 

I want to thank all of you for your expressions of concern and for your prayers. I truly appreciate it.

I am sorry I was not able to do a show last night, and I will be doing a “Best of Kevin” encore presentation tonight. Tomorrow night, I plan to be back at the mic. Looking forward to being back with you then.

A similar update was provided online by Jerry Wills, friend and associate of Smith, who plans to host an online broadcast this evening via the KSS website, simulcast on, which can be viewed here. In Wills’ own words:

Hi Folks… As you know, Kathy and I were very close to Kevin. I last spoke with him Tuesday afternoon as we were moving out of the Prairie Schooner (our RV), and into our new place in Jerome, Az. It was terribly hot, we were exhausted with sweat drenching our clothes as we loaded on item after another into our truck under a searing sun. The move stopped, and we chatted for awhile on speaker phone.

Kevin sounded tired, but promised he was feeling much better. His humor was intact as was his incredible wit as he joked about how he couldn’t live someplace so close to the gates of Hell. We laughed and Kathy agreed it was a crappy place to exist. Kevin then told us he had a new song to share with us the following day, promising to call us the next afternoon.

As I write this Kathy and I are numb from the news. Kevin was a family member of ours, not only a friend. Over the years we shared his concerns, frustrations and disappointments during calls that lasted hours. We plotted and schemed on how KSS, and the music, would succeed and grow. Kevin had high hopes, huge dreams, and an indomitable spirit. To say he will be missed is a misnomer. It has been less than 24 hours… The silence is deafening, the vacuum suffocating. Our hearts ache…

As for his wife and son; He never shared any information about contacting them. I’ve ask others he knew, and they don’t know either. What we know very well is that he wished he could have joined them. He deeply loved his wife and son. I have no idea if they have received the news of his passing.

Life continues for us all. Kevin made the world a batter place by his presence. In all the things he did to bring us together, and share himself with us, he created a community. I’ve always said to bring out the best in others you must give the best of yourself. Kevin is an example of how true my observation was. The world is a better place because he walked beside us… 

Watch FB for an update. I plan to broadcast tonight on the KSS Channel, or one I might need to create. Those details later today.

Best Wishes
Jerry Wills

It is not surprising, to an extent, that Kevin, whose life was marked with an interest in the unknown, would have similar synchronicities follow him to the grave as well: August 15, the date of Kevin’s passing, also marked the date of his birth.

In celebration, Smith had made provisions for the entire month of August 2013, so that nonmembers of his site could listen and access the show for free, “as his birthday present to the listening public.”

Smith lived in Thailand, and is survived by his wife and their young son. He, and his work, will be greatly missed.

Kevin Smith’s website, which remains active online, can be viewed here.


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