With all the controversy surrounding Edward Snowden and his role in releasing US government information to the public, rumors and speculation have flourished regarding his potential involvement with documents pertaining to UFOs. Here, Micah Hanks takes a look at those claims, and separates the facts from the farce. 

“Venezuelan Asylum Achieved, Snowden reveals UFO Documents,” the headline read. It’s enough to get the attention of most anyone who has followed the Edward Snowden affair, and of course, a headline that has apparently managed to get a few in the UFO community frothing at the mouth.

Recently, my colleague and fellow blogger Red Pill Junkie brought this to my attention by sending me a link to the article, which dealt with allegations that Edward Snowden may actually have involvement with government secrets pertaining to UFOs. I had the feeling based on that headline alone, and prior to ever reading the article, that the story was probably bogus. After all, one should remember here that similar speculation had surrounded Julian Assange and his potential access to UFO secrets via Wikileaks, which later had not been the case. While such claims often do tend to pop up various places online in relation to UFO disclosure and leaked documents, etc, there are few instances where such claims have been made, and worthwhile evidence to support those claims could be provided also.

Though lacking any real potential for adding fuel to the fire of the Snowden affair, I decided to look into things a bit further. What I found: it’s actually pretty easy to see what’s really going on here, just by looking at the “About” page at the original source for the supposed “UFO” related information, a website called The Internet Chronicle.

By reading their mission statement, most anyone can see The Internet Chronicle and their articles are representative of an (intentionally) dubious parody site. I’ll advise anyone who has considered seriously, thus far, that Snowden may have involvement with the release of UFO information in the future, to please visit this page. However, since it is obvious satire, be warned about some of the language and terminology being employed, as it may be offensive to some readers:

The Internet Chronicle Mission Statement

Below I’ve also included a brief excerpt, which also conveys the idea fairly well:

At the Chronicle.SU, we take truth seriously. We take what we do so seriusly, untruths at chronicle.su are punishable by mutilation or death.

Sadly, chronicle.su is not of this earth. After crash landing in an asteroid December 30th, 1976, the alien husks of Chronicle editors rapidly adapted to Earth climates and bacterial flora. They are able to survive naturally in the wild and reproduce freely.

Obviously a reputable source, eh? Or rather, it’s obviously a site providing social commentary with absurd parodies and outright satire… something that many who have followed the story have plainly overlooked.

And yet, I keep seeing people in the paranormal community linking to the story, and acting as if there may be even a grain of truth to it all. Sadly, that’s just not the case… and thus, Snowden, like Julian Assange and others before him, is merely the latest in a long stream of controversial personalities that, thanks to Internet tomfoolery, has managed to be linked superficially to UFO studies.

Image by squirrel83 via Wikimedia Commons.

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