Foster the People have become that band that everyone either loves, or loves to hate because they’re songs are so damned catchy. Admittedly, I’m one that happens to love their dancy blend of crossover eclecticism (and feel free to go ahead and call it a guilty pleasure, if it helps you come out with your own latent addiction for the Foster sound).

The first big hit off their debut album was the infectiously groovy “Pumped Up Kicks,” which actually was recorded earlier when Foster was employed with the Los Angeles jingle producers Mophonics. Thanks in part to the distortion applied to the vocals of singer Mark Foster, the track still manages to conceal the fact that this song’s dark lyrical content deals with a scenario evocative of the tragic Columbine Shooting of 1999.

Despite the popularity of “Pumped Up Kicks,” the video above features what is probably my favorite song by the group, “Helena Beat.” The video, while also in keeping with the sort of dark humor for which the band has become known, also nods to the post-apocalyptica of the “Mad Max” film series, as well as other popular films depicting ravaged desertscapes in a future where humanity clings to existence by a thread. Whatever the case, enjoy the song; but be warned… Foster’s songs do tend to get very addictive.

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