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MicahMicah Hanks has attracted listeners and readers by the thousands with his books and weekly Gralien Report Podcast, and with The Micah Hanks Program, he reaches an even wider base of free thinkers and truth seekers worldwide, in addition to offering truly unique commentary on world events, politics, conspiracies, and other subjects that the mainstream media simply glosses over, if they are addressed at all.

Hanks is comfortable with being called a skeptical thinker, in the traditional philosophical sense that when the data is incomplete, we cannot know the answer to a given issue with certainty. Despite this fundamental truism, more often in this world we see that journalists, pundits, bloggers and commentators leap not just to conclusions, but to extremities that are based on their own worldview… whether in blind faith, or unreasonable skepticism. The Micah Hanks Program seeks to look carefully and critically at the world around us, and let the facts tell the rest of the story.

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