Micah specializes in a range of professions that include his work as a professional voice talent, as well as copywriting, professional blogging, podcast consultation, audio editing and recording, studio session work as a guitarist, research and private/historical investigation, event planning and coordination, WordPress and website design, and a host of other areas. If you are interested in contacting Micah for hire about prospective projects of yours, send him an email here.

For inquiries about booking Micah as a speaker for public events, please visit his Events Page.

Voice for Hire

If you listen to Micah’s podcasts, and you’d like to bring his distinctive voice to a project of your own, you can contact him by email for a quote. With more than eight years in voiceover, talk radio, podcasting, and announcer / radio copywriting experience (including several years with Creative Services, iHeartMedia, Inc.), Micah can lend quality audio services for a broad range of projects, which include some of the following:

  • Radio Commercials and PSAs
  • Narration for Television / Film
  • Audiobooks
  • Promotional Spots

Copywriter / Blogger

Micah has worked as a professional blogger and writer for a number of years, with specialty in producing content that is SEO (Search Engine Optimized) for achieving high rankings on sites like Google and Bing. His writing for web content specializes in use of keywords, in addition to elements that include headings and subtitle optimization, and Flesch–Kincaid readability scores for overall reading ease.

If you would like to hire or consult with Micah about achieving quality content for your site, business, or blog, email him here.

Research / Investigation

As author of a number of books on subjects ranging from history, science, the unexplained, and audio engineering, Micah has worked for a number of years as a researcher and investigator. To borrow from Doyle’s famous detective, “It is my business to know what other people don’t know,” and much as Holmes might have done, Micah is a practitioner of logic and reason, as well as research and assessment with a skeptical, but open-minded approach. His areas of interest include missing persons cases, historical mysteries, true crime, science, politics, philosophy, musicology, the history of spirituality and the occult, and a range of other subjects.

For inquiries on how Micah may be able to lend research or investigational services, please contact him by email here.

For more information on the science of deduction, click here.

Session Guitarist

Micah’s work as a guitarist has been featured on a number of recordings over the years, including the 2015 release Me Oh My by acoustic folk balladeers The Honeycutters. According to the band’s website, “Threaded with themes of love, loss, acceptance and regrowth, Me Oh My has won countless accolades, including taking the 3rd spot in WNCW’s top 100 albums of 2015.”

Micah is an accomplished guitarist in a broad range of styles that feature the following genres:

  • Rock / Blues
  • Country
  • Acoustic / Folk
  • Bluegrass
  • Metal / Hard Rock
  • Jazz / Progressive
  • Experimental

For more information about Micah’s music, please visit his music page. For inquiries about hiring Micah, email him here.

Hiring Micah for Other Purposes

For all other inquiries, you may email Micah here. For public speaking appearances, please see his ‘Events’ page.