Alleged DOD Whistleblower Exposes MK-Ultra “Hip Hop Conspiracy”


A strange video that appeared on YouTube earlier this week, featuring a man who claims to be a former Department of Defense (DOD) operative, alleges that pop singer Michael Jackson was killed as part of a secret government program.

The speaker in the video, who identifies himself as “Robert Connors,” asserts that there has been a secret government program underway since the Reagan Administration to control the African American population through music, known as “Operation Sedgwick”, which fell under the broader MK-ULTRA program.

Connors says that his involvement began in March 1994, when he became a director of the program, and that the weight on his conscience had driven him to reveal this information:

As an ex-DOD operative, it was my duty to protect the constitution, and mitigate foreign and domestic threats in this country. I joined the Department to create a safer world for my children, and now grandchildren. Unfortunately, in the last decade of my career, I have seen, and been a part of, one of the biggest threats to this great nation and its citizens. 

Connors claims that on Monday September 23, he will release tape recordings of audio that features Michael Jackson’s final phone call the night before his death, in the event that the DOD does not do so first. The final few seconds of the video feature a portion of that alleged audio, which Connors claimed had been acquired through a tapped phone line at Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. Below is a still image from the video, where a transcript of the alleged phone conversation between Jackson and an unidentified individual called “Dieter” is shown:


Will there be more information supplied to media agencies on Monday, as this video claims, regarding an alleged “hip hop conspiracy” carried out as part of the secretive MK Ultra program?

UPDATE: As many expected, there was no further information released by this individual, although an actor has been identified via social networking who has been suggested as the man in the video. 

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